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The Literacy Foundation, TLF, are leaders in building and furnishing of reading Rooms and libraries. We are in the forefront of library development in Nigeria. TLF is reputed to be the best in providing quality books, education resource materials, and library furnishings.

Duly registered as a non-­‐governmental organization (N.G.O.), under the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C.), our objective is to revamp the reading culture of the public by reaching out to children, students, and researchers, providing quality reading materials and resources. Our goal is to provide educational resources at the lowest cost possible for communities (schools, churches, groups). Using gifts and donations, we serve disadvantaged or indigent groups in communities, renovating libraries utilizing the services of TLP Ventures, a social enterprise.

Over a period of five years, TLF has successfully provided over a million books and several computers to primary and secondary schools, with funding from organizations and individuals in the private sector.